Trust, Accountability & The Abrasive Technology Way


Abrasive Technology was founded in 1971 by my father and three partners, with a very simple belief: People are inherently good. He must’ve passed that down to me because I, too, strongly believe in the good in people.

Unfortunately, businesses, structures and corporations often can get in the way of people doing the right thing. This is why at Abrasive Technology, we strive to create an environment where people feel trusted and safe. From there, we believe they will do the right thing nine times out of 10. When companies don’t trust and believe in its associates, it becomes a place where people become disgruntled, and perhaps feel the inclination to lie, cheat and steal.

An example of how we build trust in our organization? If someone needs a material to finish a job that costs $1,000, he or she can go purchase it. Without asking. We have found that our people have a great deal of accountability for the company’s money, and spend it wisely (and frugally). Without the authority to go buy what’s really needed to complete a task, we saw people trying to “MacGyver” a solution, which oftentimes was less than ideal.

When you don’t trust people with company resources, they’re more willing to grab a dollar here or grab a meal there to “get even.” When we create the accountability and the trust, which says your “job is to make the entire work process better,” everyone wins. We don’t undervalue the process of that trust either; we don’t require multiple forms to fill out or signatures of approval to collect. By keeping it simple and trusting people to spend wisely, we believe it makes sense from a profit standpoint, an efficiency standpoint, and a trust standpoint. If not, how could you ever look that person in the eye and say “I trust you and you’re the cornerstone of our business.”?

Daryl Peterman
CEO, Abrasive Technology

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