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As we were testing (playing with) the Jack of ALL Blades™, we naturally began to wonder about the potential uses for this kind of diamond grinding wheel. Two specific factors helped to drive the idea of using this blade for rescue work:

  1. My brother is a local fireman who is involved with the rescue unit in central Ohio
  2. The earthquake that devastated Haiti occurred while we were developing this blade and we couldn’t help but think it could be useful for rescue teams to be able to quickly cut through rubble made of a variety of construction materials including concrete, rebar, other metals, wood, etc.

In an effort to test this blade for rescue conditions, I made a few molds and used them to make concrete blocks with rebar running through them.  I contacted my brother to see if we could go to the junkyard with the local firemen while they were training and cut on cars & school buses… yeah it was fun!

Through this “real world” rescue & construction type testing we learned a few things:

  • this type of blade can dry cut concrete very rapidly, and it lasts quite awhile cutting only concrete.
  • it cuts automotive glass very effectively with almost no wear on the blade.  We also learned that it will cut steel pretty well, but it dramatically reduced the life of the blade compared to just concrete and other common construction materials.
  • as the blade wears from metal cutting, it degrades the cutting ability of the blade on softer materials like wood.

These lessons led us to another natural progression… how can we make the Jack of All Blades™ cut metal effectively without killing the overall life/effectiveness of the blade for other materials?

Next up, development of a metal (specifically steel) cutting saw blade using man-made diamond superabrasives.  Check back in a week or subscribe to our blog in the box to your right.

If you or someone you love is a First Responder and you think this solution could help, Ask an Engineer  about details regarding the mixed-material cutting solution: Jack of All Blades Now!

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