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Grinding a combination of carbide and steel can be a particularly difficult problem when using superabrasives. The main question is: Should Diamond or CBN be used to grind this combination of materials?

Punch dies used specifically in the plastics and printed circuit board industries and known as “lamination dies” are most commonly made of both materials. The cost of making very large lamination dies would be prohibitive, if made completely of carbide and would wear very quickly if made just from tool steels. Therefore, the most common practice is to make the punches and the areas around the holes being punched in carbide for maximum wear resistance, while the rest of the die plate is made of various tool steels.

Now, back to the original question; should diamond or cbn be used to grind a combination of carbide and steel? The answer is actually simple: CBN can’t and will not ever grind carbide. Whereas, diamond can grind steel and easily grinds the carbide.

Of particular importance, Abrasive Technology provides a very effective wheel specification for this application utilizing “XD” type diamond which is a tougher, blockier, and stronger type of diamond. When this diamond is bonded with our B170 resin bond and used in wet grinding applications our product is an excellent choice for customers to use.

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