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1.) Know your wheel speed: wheel speeds on machines vary and the most successful ceramic grinding operations are performed between 5500 & 6500 SFPM.
2.) Condition the wheel properly: Aluminum oxide dressing wheels produce the most open structure along the face of the grinding surface. A clean grinding surface is essential to successful ceramic grinding.
3.) Dress frequently: dressing the diamond wheel frequently provides a clean grinding surface and prevents the fine ceramic swarf from becoming trapped between the diamond particles.
4.) Ceramic is a tough material: Expect grinding pressure when grinding ceramic materials. It is also an insulator material which means that heat generated during the grind process is absorbed into the grinding surface.
5.) Follow the first four steps: You will find a greatly improved ceramic grinding process requiring little to no spark grind to produce a clean chip free edge.

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Grinding shops commonly treat ceramic grinding in the same fashion as hardened steels or carbide. Understanding the differences can save a great deal of grief (and scrap too).

1.) Generally speaking, ceramics are not heat conducting materials. Maximize the removal of heat from the grinding zone by using an ample supply of water based coolant.

2.)  Use a diamond wheel that has been designed to grind ceramics. A tougher and stronger diamond crystal is typically required to stand up to the hardness of ceramics.

3.) Make sure the wheel has been sufficiently cleaned and trued before grinding ceramics, especially if the machine has been used to grind other materials.

4.) Make sure you understand the specific type of ceramic you are grinding. Alumina based ceramics are generally very easy to grind.  However, it is not uncommon for alumina to be mixed with various metals (like titanium or nickel) or even a wide variety of other types of
ceramic material (such as zirconia).

5.) Start grinding by using very conservative in-feeds to develop a feeling for how the machine handles the grinding load and to avoid generating
too much heat on the part.

resinwheel-resized-600Abrasive Technology has developed products to grind ceramics that offer high heat conducting bonds and pressure sensitive self-dressing characteristics. Contact Customer Service  for more information.

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